4 Essential Leather Pieces for Him

Just in case your stylish self has forgotten, here’s a reminder: classic dapper style is an essential. Your momma needs you to look your sleekest for dressy events; your boo most likely has an expected level of suave for romantic occasions; and many professional partners relate to you better with smart casual looks. Interacting with people must almost always involve putting your best foot forward.

Get ready for situations that demand sharp and timeless swag with the following leather accessories!

Shavar belt


Score some style cred with a belt that instantly makes you look presentable and put-together.


Cetrone wallet


You may still be on your way to the top,, but a classic wallet makes you look like you’ve already made it.


Marlack sandals


This one’s perfect for that “laid-back” out-of-town trip with some of your bosses or people you want to impress.


Rios watch


Finish off your look with a timeless accessory that shows both style and practicality.



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