5 Dating Spots and OOTDs to Match

Aren’t we seeing so many new and exciting hangout spots recently? I’m pretty sure that most of us girls already went dreamy and pegged these places as backdrops of our first moments with your current or prospective bae. A special venue is so much better with a special person in it, right?

We put together five OOTDs for you for each of the five most popular date locations!

Almorez blouse, Arangia jeans, Pollaz sandals, Mizorie wallet

Food Park

A girl in a fresh and dainty lace top is always a top look for guys. 


Lastra flats, Dalzell jeans, Midclow sweater


Movie theaters are usually quite cold, so a chic sweater is a must! If that doesn’t suffice, some cuddles would surely keep you warm.


Drenice shoes, Lidara shorts, Benaflor shirt

Amusement Park

Don’t be afraid to show him your carefree and child-like side! Less is more for spots that require more movement than usual.


Raiberry sandals, Camelus watch, Bellini shorts, Fanneza sweater

Nature Park

Your gentleman would surely protect you from physical harm. But for unpredictable weather, have this cute long sleeve shirt in tow.


Consalvi dress, Alozie wedges, Aviana shoulder bag

Art Gallery

In a room full of art, stand out and be the apple of his eye in trendy and feminine pieces.
Were you ever underdressed or overdressed for a date? Let us know your experiences!


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