All Smiles at the Boardwalk Shares Fishermall Event

It wasn’t just the worthwhile cause to help our marginalized kababayans that got Fishermall shookt last June 30! The Boardwalk Shares event was just extra in all aspects!

Proof? Check out the happy crowd of all ages in some of our official photos below!

Amused Alden fans during the pre-show games eager to see the Pambansang Bae


Lovely ladies Wena and AJ host for the socio-economic brand for the first time


Boardwalk Shares’ Kevin Remandaban speaks passionately about their future plans and goals


One Up’s Jay walks down the runway in his Shares shirt and killer smile


Boardwalk endorser Will Ashley serenades the crowd with a heartfelt performance


Excited fans of One Up member and Boardwalk Shares ambassador Arjan


A fan of Jeric Gonzales having the time of her life during the Lipstick Kiss game


Alden entertains the crowd while carrying a surprise gift from his fans

Read more about Boardwalk Shares here and see how easy it is to help!


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