Best and Worst Sunglasses Styles For Each Face Shape

The busiest fashionistas swear by the effortless style that sunglasses give. Whether they’re shielding their eyes from the summer heat or masking a hangover, these sartorial sisters have their go-to shades in the styles that work for them.

But just copping your favorite stylista’s pair doesn’t guarantee fabulous face-framing for yourself! You got to get it right with the styles that flatter your facial structure!

Read on to know what styles work and what don’t for each face shape.

Liona shades


  • characteristics: equal face length and width; round-shaped in general
  • best: angular (square/rectangular) and wide styles
  • worst: oval or rounded styles


Ferragni shades


  • characteristics: jawline, cheek bone line and forehead of same width; similar face width and height
  • best: round, oval, cat-eye and large Jackie O styles
  • worst: square and aviator styles


Cocuzza shades


  • characteristics: chin and jawline that are significantly narrower than the forehead
  • best: cat-eye and aviator styles
  • worst: square and rectangular styles


Allaire shades


  • characteristics: cheek width wider than the forehead and jawline
  • best: narrow, rimless, larger aviator, wraparound and Jackie O styles
  • worst: oval and round lens styles


Sharian shades


  • characteristics: face length that measures one and half more than the face width
  • best: wide, rectangular and aviator styles
  • worst: none


Whitley shades


  • characteristics: similar to oval-shaped face’s length-to-width ratio but with a wider forehead and jawline
  • best: round, oval, cat-eye and large Jackie-O styles
  • worst: square and aviator styles

What’s your face shape and what style will you go for? Let us know in the comments section!

(Illustrations by Karla Nagtalon)


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