Black Is The New Black

There’s a reason why designers and labels try to make all other colors “the new black”. Being the go-to color of all time, black is the one color with a statement that works well with anything. You won’t really have much to think about to make heads turn with it, especially in these pieces!

Wild Dove dress

Channel a Parisian woman’s air of mystique and sophistication in this chic dress.


Timichie watch

A sleek black watch instantly adds an air of quiet confidence and classic allure to any outfit.


Jonquil belt

Cinch up that beautiful waist with a shiny leather belt. The gold buckles also give your outfit an elegant glint.


Gripzen pumps

Form. Function. Fashion. Up your shoe game at work or at school with a pair of these leather heels.

Embrace the beauty of black, ladies!


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