Blue is The Warmest Color

Summer is finally over. People who love the good old cuddle weather barely want to do anything else but stay home and be a hermit on weekends.

Mugs of coffee, hot chocolate and tea are being brought out. Old sweaters are dug up from the back of the closet. Cozy socks find a purpose again. It suddenly feels better to cancel all your barkada’s galas and stay in bed until there’s no sleep in you left to sleep off.

But who says you can’t enjoy your favorite season and still have fun with your friends? Celebrate the rainy days with choice pieces that are as cool and crisp as the air after a thunderstorm with colors and looks that are sure to keep you going through the cold.


Bacho t-shirt, Olham sneakers, Doel messenger bag, Roland jeans

Transition into the monsoon season in a top with tropical inspired prints and cool hues. Keep it simple with classic denim jeans and white sneakers, while remaining functional with an over the shoulder bag to stash your umbrella and jacket for the inevitable downpour.


Hagrier shorts, Stan Osaka shoes, Miggo t-shirt, Kaluber backpack

Channel the relaxing palette of the skies before a good rainfall with a monochrome greys and whites. Complete the look with a touch of blue on your feet and secure all of your most important things in a waterproof backpack.


Brighton polo shirt, Termons sneakers, Chandran cap, Rambin pants

Keep it cool even on days when the sun decides to peek from behind the clouds with a bright blue shirt, clean and crisp bottoms, and a cap that’ll keep that head dry from the drizzle and shaded from the shine.


Kontos shirt, Topsider shoes, Crombie belt, Duomo jeans

If the office AC isn’t cold enough, bring the chill that you love so much inside with a snappy blue button down shirt and a fine belt. Keep it casual with jeans and styled boat shoes.

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