Bulacan’s Humanitarian Beauty: Diane Santiago

image from PEP.ph

Hobbies: Joining pageants and modelling! I started in kindergarten when my teacher assigned me to be the muse of the class. I admire the queens and models who have the capacity to carry themselves confidently and beautifully, just as how I saw my mom did when she was younger. I want to carry on her legacy and be a strong and independent woman like the queens and models I aspire to be.

Special talents: Baking! Only my family knows that I bake. But now I guess you guys know it na rin!

Favorite thing about where you’re from: The three patron saints in Bulacan who give hope to our people! They’re known to be saints you can pray to if you desire to have a child, or a job, or a partner in life. It relaly shows how much Bulacenos put into their faithfulness, and that’s my favorite thing about Bulacan.

Dream place to live in: Still in the Philippines, because Filipinos are very hospitable, caring and supportive. I love that those qualities represent our nation in other countries. That’s why I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else!

Wildest dream pet: Dogs are wild! But they’re going to save you when they’ve become loyal to you.

Favorite iconic movie line: “Huwag mo akong mahalin dahil mahal kita, mahalin mo ako dahil mahal mo ako, because that is what I deserve.” – Barcelona, A Love Untold

Celebrity look-alike: Janella Salvador, probably because people think that we have the same nose, and we’re both chinitas!

Local celebrity idol: Angel Locsin! I love her, I cherish her, I love everything about her! I can’t relaly explain why, maybe because she has such a beautiful heart as well as a beautiful face. And I see myself in her, we’re both boyish!

If you were not modeling, what would your career be?

Maybe dancing. Back in elementary my friends and I danced a lot. We joined different dancing contests in school and we’ve won a lot of them. We had to stop after we graduated because we each went on our different ways.

How did you realize you wanted to be a model?

I’ve been a muse for my classes since I was kid, but I guess I realized I wanted to model professionally when I got invited to do a shoot. I was still a little chubby at the time so I started working out with my best friend to get fit. And then an agent “discovered” me and I got to do fashion shows, photoshoots and pageants.

What positive impact do you want to make as a model?

My advocacy is to empower the abused. We have to learn how to respect all living things, from persons, especially women, to animals, to the resources that we have so no one gets abused. I think this is what will lead us to unity and development.

What was your reaction when you found out you won Boardwalk’s Model Search?

I was shocked! It felt like time froze! I cannot explain how happy I was at the time. To be a model of one of the most prestigious companies in the Philippines is a big opportunity for me. Answered prayer talaga sya.

Boardwalk style is…

…simple but classe, and definitely worth the price!

Favorite Boardwalk look?

Boardwalk bags are always a must for any OOTD of mine!

Meet the rest of the grand winners in the next articles only here at blog.boardwalk.com.ph!


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