Bulacan’s Sporty Superstar: Joshua De Leon

Special talents: Few people know that I can dance. But I’m not good enough to dance professionally!

Favorite thing about where you’re from: Our swimming pool resorts and famous pork chicharon!

Dream place to live in: Maldives! Because it looks so beautiful and peaceful. I also would love to experience the culture and get to know the people living there.

Wildest dream pet: A lion. I’d love to have the king of the jungle as a pet.

Favorite iconic movie line: Enrique Gil’s “Kaya nga andito ako ulit eh, para ipakita sa’yong nagbago na ako at nagkamali lang ako sa nagawa ko dati,” from My Ex and Why’s.

Celebrity look-alike: When I grow out my hair, people say I look like Paolo Paraiso. But when I keep it short, they say I look like Enchong Dee. I kind of agree, I guess? I look at the pictures and see the resemblance with our smiles and facial structure.

Local celebrity idol: Liza Soberano for her beautiful face and heart. She’s good to her fans. I also like her acting.

If you were not modeling what would your career be?

I’m studying engineering, and I really want to focus on my studies. Hopefully, I’d be able to build a career in that field.

How did you realize you wanted to be a model?

I’m a really shy person, so I don’t like to think that I’m very good at modeling. It’s just that when I tried it out, I realized that being in front of so many people wasn’t that bad! I like the principles that need to be studied when modeling, and I like knowing I can share that knowledge with other aspiring professional models too.

What positive impact do you want to make as a model?

As a model, I think it’s my job to not just merely walk the runway, but also to inspire other youth to believe in themselves to do what they love to do–and be the best at it.

What was you reaction when you found out you won Boardwalk’s Model Search?

It took a while for the news to sink in! I didn’t expect that I would be included in the Grand Winners at all. I only came to represent our province. And honestly, the chance to do that in the competition was more than enough.

Boardwalk style is…

Unique, comfortable, and up-to-date! That’s what I like the most about the fashion at Boardwalk.

Favorite Boardwalk piece?

Any of Boardwalk’s shoes! As a shoe lover, I make sure I leave the house wearing good pair for a casual look. I complete the outfit with Boardwalk tops and shorts.


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