Cologne is Actually Pretty Amazing, Who Knew?

Powder, check. Trusty suklay, check. Lip balm to protect the lips from the tirik ng araw, check. Pocket mirror, check. What else should you bring to make sure you have everything you need to look and feel fresh?

Cologne, of course! A little dab goes a long way because feeling fresh goes beyond just looking it – you have to smell like it too. But did you know that feeling fresh is just one of the benefits of wearing cologne? Mind blownㅡwe know.

Sniff & Cuddle Doll cologne

Check out these cool things cologne does that can be your next conversation starter at the school restroom.

  1. Turns out, cologne can help boost your mood.

Certain scents trigger the mind into making us feel certain things. Warm and sweet fragrances can elevate your mood, remove negative thoughts, and cheer you up!

  1. With a few sprays, trick people into thinking you didn’t wake up late.

This is a no-brainer. Snoozed for too long? Are you left with no choice but to do the dreaded “wisik lang” shower? Put together that bomb outfit and worry a little less, just spray on some cologne and trick even yourself that you’re squeaky clean and fresh. Just remember not to overdo it!

Sniff & Cuddle Incredible cologne
  1. Add a kick to the caffeine and wear some cologne.

Familiar with that instantly energized feeling you get when you walk into a Starbucks and smell the beans in the air?  And you haven’t even had your cup of joe! It’s your brain associating the smell with the kick of caffeine. If you really need a jolt, give your coffee an extra spike by wearing cologne that has hints of coffee.

  1. Finding the right cologne is like finding the right partner.

Colognes are made up of different liquids, and those liquids interact with the moisture and oils that come from our body. It’s important to try on a number of perfumes before deciding on your signature scent to make sure it has good chemistry with your body. Bad chemistry is the maasim smell from that one dude in the MRT. You know what I’m talking about. Find the perfect match so your cologne won’t sabotage you, instead, work for you.

Sniff & Cuddle Star cologne
  1. Trick your brain into feeling relaxed with a spritz.

Scents also help you relax. If you’re feeling extra stressed at work, spray on some cologne with lavender undertones to psychologically trigger the zen you need.

  1. A little goes a long way.

You don’t need to pour the entire bottle all over! By spraying on a little on a couple of your pulse points, like your wrist and behind your neck, you’re good for the day.

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