Color Your Style ‘Cause You Gotta Do You In School

It’s good to know that the saying “Boys don’t cry.” don’t hold much truth anymore. More guys are now expressive of their nuances—even the most sensitive ones. They acknowledge and express their quirks now without fear of being discriminated because today’s society actually finds great value in these unique qualities.

Gone are the days when young men are expected to just plainly be rough and tough. This is a healthy culture for studying teens and young gentlemen like you who need to be self aware the soonest time possible. Because it is only with full awareness of your character that you can use your school experiences and lessons in the best way possible.

Express your different traits with your school looks! Boardwalk’s Dude Collection can help you figure-out and get comfortable with your innate swag, dapperness, or however you identify your style. Its versatile and laid-back pieces are good canvases to build-up with accessories. Its tops are casual enough to not distract from your cool vibe. The pants and shorts from the collection have dope details that are streamlined for comfort. In no time, you’ll be feeling cool in your own style game and, consequently, in all your hustles!

Check the collection below as worn by Jerome Ponce and One Up’s Ralf King, Arjan Jimenez and Kevin Sagra.


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