Comfort and Relaxation On-The-Go

Ahoy! Just because February is hectic doesn’t mean we can’t plan, or even go on our next trip already! Now that the calendar for the holidays this 2018 is up, it’s time to block those dates and plan those itineraries!

And while you’re on your planning process, it’s best to plan on how you’re going to maximize everything as well: your time, your expenses, and even your travel materials.

The most practical way is to get those all-around stuff: a multi-functional tool kit, a handy cooking set, and even a portable bed. Wait, what…? Yep, you read that right! Since more and more people are getting into travelling these days, products like these are getting more and more accessible to you. I know what you’re thinking: what about the bed?

The bed is a three-fold mattress that can help you relax wherever you might be, even at stopovers going to your destination! It’s designed not only for the comfort of your own home, but for the outdoors as well, making you feel like you never left the relaxation of your bed while you’re away.


Jolly bed

We bet you can’t help but feel giddy about your upcoming trips now! Feel free to post your #TravelGoals pics on our social media accounts!


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