Day-to-Night Valentine’s Look

Today’s the day you’ve been waiting for. All these months of preparation, the sleepless nights of contemplation; what would you give her? Where would you take her? What would she like to eat?

You just want the best for her, for everything to be perfect. You were so Mr. Metikuloso with the details, you were so focused on what to do for her, that you forgot one important detail: What would you wear?

Oh no! It’s Valentine’s Day, and you’ve got nothing good to put on?! Worry no more, for we’ve got your back! Here are some wardrobe tips for you to look your most gwapo for your special lady.

Out for lunch? Go with this set for the saktong-casual-lang look.

Algor shades, Fabella watch, Rambin shorts, Birmingham loafers, Holiver polo shirt

The big dinner date is here! Go all-out with the head-turner attire, so you’re sure she won’t forget your precious night together.

Tingu chinos, Cetrone wallet, Ares belt, Rodgar lace-ups, Ose shirt

Remember boys, when you love someone, it’s not always about your partner. You’ve got to have confidence, so she’d know you’re someone she can rely on. Stay with us here on our blog, and our social media pages for more tips and tricks to look your best!


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