Delightful Darling Sofia Pablo

One of the Kapuso Network’s youngest and prettiest child stars not only brings Boardwalk’s clothes to life. The endearing Sofia Pablo is also one of the ambassadors of Boardwalk SHARES, the company’s program dedicated to helping and empowering aspiring entrepreneurs.

It’s only fitting because this young lady is an entrepreneur herself! Just this year, Sofia started her own slime business that debuted on her Instagram page.

Just three months after she launched it, Sofia now gets up to 30 orders a day!

Sofia encourages her fans to dream big, and tells them that they are never too young to start a business of their own. She says that as long as you love what you do and you work hard, success will surely come your way.

To the aspiring entrepreneurs and beneficiaries of Boardwalk SHARES, it is this same love for the craft and hard work that keeps them going. As of its second year, Boardwalk SHARES has changed the lives of x SHAREpreneurs. In the next few years, its goal is to help 25,000 more.

In the past two months, Boardwalk SHARES brought its advocacy to Quezon City and Marikina, introducing an accessible way to start your own business. With a program that aims for a financially-empowered Filipino nation with the help of like-minded ambassadors, starting your own business is definitely going to be easy-peasy just like how Sofia was able to!

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