About Us

For the past 25 years, Boardwalk has been clothing and embracing millions of Filipinos with the vision of building a Philippines with financially secure and empowered individuals. With its various business opportunities, Boardwalk brings the Filipino people at the forefront of social entrepreneurship success.

Boardwalk had its start in 1989 as a garment manufacturing company. Upon the decision of Bernardo H. Madera and Imelda P. Madera to venture into direct-selling and multi-level marketing, Boardwalk Business Ventures Inc. was born.

Leading the company as the President and the Vice President, Bernardo and Imelda Madera applied a hands-on treatment that continues to make Boardwalk a force to reckon with in its industry. It has changed the lives of countless Filipinos by uplifting individuals toward their goals.

25 years of enriching and uplifting lives came with its fair share of struggles and setbacks, but Boardwalk stands today with the same perseverance, optimism and vision to keep providing its business partners with a level of prosperity and abundance they can all look forward to.

Boardwalk thrives in the togetherness of its leaders, its business partners, its staff, and its community of Personal Shoppers. On its 25th year, Boardwalk has 26 functioning branches and 30 branch satellite offices nationwide, strategically positioned in key cities to reach as many Filipinos. In an effort to reach Filipinos overseas, Boardwalk now also operates in Hong Kong, marking the beginning of its journey of going global.

A Filipino brand made for the Filipino, Boardwalk has the best interests of its customers at heart. Carrying a wide variety of high-quality, affordable, and stylish fashion pieces, the company boasts numerous collections of products that Filipinos all over the world can be proud of.

Boardwalk is a direct-selling and multi-marketing business that carries the goal of empowering the Filipino people in the heart and soul of its company.