Essential Leather Goods

There’s a reason why leather is still a go-to material for fashionable pieces. It’s timeless! It’s tough! It’s versatile! And it’s absolutely classy. That’s why you can never go wrong adding a few more leather items to your closet.


Grandey bag

It’s simple, it’s straightforward, and it can carry all your essentials and still look pretty. Perfect for partying!


Demna wallet

Leather wallets are a staple. Leather purses too, for the ladies!


Merrigan flats

Flats aren’t out of fashion! These flexible and versatile footwear choice can get you through a busy day with comfort. Look classy in a black leather pair.


For the fashion-forward, these chunky sandals are a good pick! They offer lots of versatility for fun looks!


Astilbe belt

A fuss-free slim black belt is a classic piece everyone has to have in their wardrobe.

Leather pieces are always a good investment. Especially in classic colors and designs! Get these now at!


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