Everything We Love About “Gandanine” Janine Gutierrez

Janine Gutierrez is another Boardwalk baby we absolutely love! She’s beautiful inside and out. It’s no wonder her fans lovingly call her Gandanine! It started out when Twitter user @maiconsadiaza saw a new campaign photo of Janine from the Boardwalk YES Facebook page.


To which Twitter user @KermitDaPrague replied, calling Janine, “Gandanine”.


And we suppose @KermitDaPrague is really very witty because honestly, that Twitter handle and that nickname? Twitter gold!


And why wouldn’t they call her Gandanine? Look at this gorgeous girl.


I mean, seryoso?


And it’s not only her looks that are beautiful, but so is her heart of gold!


But even if she seems too good to be true, she’s a normal girl who loves french fries and the beach, gets her slippers ruined by her dogs, and borrows clothes from her sisters without them knowing!


And we recently found out why her fans love her so much!


Tell Janine you love her @janinegutierrez now!


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