Everything You Missed at the Miss Philippines Earth Introduction at Starmall, Alabang

Half the year is over. So you know what that means, pageant enthusiasts! One beautiful lady with an advocacy will be picked from a delegation of Miss Philippines Earth candidates to represent the country in the most socially- and environmentally-aware pageant of the year, Miss Earth. Who says beauty needs to compromise substance?

Last July 9, forty candidates introduced themselves and the causes they stand for at Starmall, Alabang. The ladies dazzled and impressed the crowd by proving that you can have beauty and brains.

Relive the beginning of this year’s celebration of exquisite magnificence and humanitarianism with these moments you’ll never forget at the Miss Philippines Earth Introduction!

1. When the delegates arrived

We keep wondering how the Boardwalk coaster did not implode with all that beauty and spirit inside!


2. When the girls got quirky with the Boardwalk Augmented Reality Shopping Game

They have beauty, they have grace, they care about regulating waste…and they know how to have fun too!


3. When JC De Vera served some Pinoy pop classics

Hunkadude JC and Eraserheads? Swoon.


4. When the girls burst into song all for the love of Mother Earth

They spread love, joy, fun and laughter, and make miracles forever after. This song was definitely on everybody’s head for the rest of the day.


5. When they let us know there’s so much to work on for our planet

This part of the program definitely put all environmental issues that still remain to be talked about into perspective.


6. When the show became Miss Camiling, Tarlac’s concert

Princess Nicolas took the stage and everybody was suddenly treated to a concert! Girl got pipes! And she’s now officially a Boardwalk model, too! What a career-woman.


7. When JC De Vera pulled out all the stops to make the Miss Philippines Earth candidates kilig

Uwian na, may nanalo na! Someone definitely won even before the coronation.


8. When JC was generous with sharing the kilig to the audience

The audience got some love from the Boardwalk Hunk Collection endorser too!


9. When the delegates towered over JC but he was still cute

JC was too adorable when he asked the ladies of Miss Philippines Earth to stand one step below so he wouldn’t look too small next to them. He couldn’t get away with the photo-op though!


10. When JC stopped by the Boardwalk branch and took some photos of his posters

After the show, JC paid a visit to the lovely Boardwalkers of Alabang branch where he took the chance to fanboy over his newly put up displays for the Hunk Collection. You can’t really blame him, the shots are pretty bomb.



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