Everything You Need to Know About UVC Light

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Discovered 200 years ago, UVC light has been used and trusted in hospitals and operating rooms for sterilization. As early as 1877, UVC light was used to sterilize surfaces and more. Dr. David Benner, Director at the Center of Radiation Research at Columbia University shares that UV has been used to effectively kill microbes, viruses, and bacteria. Fast forward to 2020, airplanes, airports, and even train stations such as the LRT,  are now investing in UVC Light technology to combat COVID-19. 

According to Dr. Richard Martinello, the Medical Doctor of Infection Prevention in Yale New Haven Hospital & New Haven Health in the USA, UVC is very efficient when it comes to germicidal sterilization and disinfection. “UV Light is effective against many viruses, bacteria and hardy bacteria that have spores, with thick coatings on them, UV light can also be effective on fungus,” he states. UVC Light has also been seen to be effective against drug-resistant superbugs, microorganisms that are immune to strong chemicals like bleach and other regular house disinfectants. 

UVC light disinfects by disrupting the molecular bonds that hold together microbial genetic material or proteins.” Science, official publication of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

UVC Light, unlike harsh and harmful liquid disinfectants, is less corrosive on surfaces and provide a chemical-free alternative to sterilization. It is safe to use on wood, cloths, cellphones, gadgets, and almost every surface and item that can be stained or damaged by bleach and chemicals. It is also less labor intensive and less time consuming than cleaning by hand


How does UVC Light work?

UVC Light interferes with the DNA and RNA of viruses and bacteria, preventing the microbes from producing any further.  As described by American Association for the Advancement of Science’s Science publication, UVC light disinfects by disrupting the molecular bonds that hold together microbial genetic material or proteins.”

Morris Miller, CEO of Xenex, one of the leading UV Disinfectant companies in the world, shares that UVC’s effectivity is like cracking an egg. He likens the virus or bacteria to an egg and the UV breaks open the shell, leaving the virus nonfunctional. “That’s what UV light does in a microscopic level,” he shares in an interview with USA Network CNBC. 

However, both experts agree that UVC Light works best on surfaces that are first cleaned with a disinfectant then exposed to UVC Light. It is also noted that any other surface not directly in contact with the light will not be sterilized. Take for example, sterilizing your laptop, until you open up the laptop with the keyboard and screen open, the UV light can only parts it directly hits. 

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How Effective is UVC Light Against COVID-19?

UVC Light has been effective against Ebola, SARS and MERS. It is worth noting that SARS and MERS are both from the Coronavirus family. UVC Light’s effectiveness against COVID-19 is still unverified by experts. But they have mentioned that there’s no reason to believe that it won’t be effective against COVID-19, after its effectiveness towards SARS and MERS. However, further research is still being awaited to confirm this. 

When it comes to reusing PPEs by sterilizing them with UV Light, Xenex and 3M have recently concluded in a study that UVC Light is effective in filtration efficiency. This means PPEs (suits, masks, and shields) when sterilized with UVC light can be reused. There is no damage done on the items and are perfectly reusable thanks to UVC technology by Xenex. The USA FDA is yet to weigh on this issue. 

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With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

It is worth noting that the extreme power the UVC Light comes with great responsibility. Dr. Brenner points out that UVC is harmful to humans upon direct contact. It is extremely harmful to your eyes and skin, and worst case scenario, can cause cancer. The World Health Organization has mentioned that UVC items should NEVER BE USED ON HUMANS OR OTHER LIVING THINGS (such as pets and plants). UVC Light should only be used on surfaces and items. 

Anytime a UVC item is used, it must be in an enclosed chamber or without any humans nearby. Items like our UVC Sterilizer Cube and UVC Sterilizer Cube PLUS are perfect examples of limiting UVC’s exposure within a chamber.

UV lamp, BoardwalkPH, UVC Cube, UVC Sterilizer Cube Plus

Meanwhile, our UVC Lamp and UV + Ozone Lamp Sterilizer are equipped with motion sensors that immediately turn off the UV lamp upon any detection of movement. Both our UV Lamps also provide ample lead time for you to leave the room the moment you turn on the lamp for sterilization. 

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