Fair Skin and Charm: The Boy Next Door Look Hack

Belo Men Whitening Body Bar and Whitening Face Wash

Notice how the bad boy look has taken a backseat lately? Sk8r bois and rebels have slunk off to the corner as the likes of Alden Richards and all the fresh-faced Korean leading men took center-stage. Suddenly girls aren’t dreaming of the boy-toy to brag to their girlfriends about. Now they’re looking for the clean-shaven sweet guy to bring home to their moms.

Don’t get left out and start getting that boy next door look down by getting makinis ang maputi skin to become the Popoy any Basha would want to have a family with.

Keep it clean!

Make sure your skin is always squeaky clean by sloughing off dirt with your trusty pang-hilod or loofah. Keeping the skin free from dead skin cells makes sure it always looks fresh and fair. Lather with Belo Men Whitening Body Bar to get even lighter skin in just days! Use the Belo Men Whitening Face Wash for the full linis-kinis look!

Nourish that skin

Who says only women need to moisturize? Keep that skin from peeling and scaling by hydrating it with the best Belo lotions in the market. This way, your Basha will always be kilig when they touch your soft and makinis forearm.


Make sure you don’t lose that hard-earned kaputian by putting on some sunblock every time you head out!

Be yourself

Last but not the least, be yourself, bae. No amount of makinis and maputi skin can match the genuine charm, sweetness and thoughtfulness that a nice guy can do especially when he genuinely likes the girl he’s after.

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