Fashion and Function: Everyday Laptop Bags For You and Your Machine

As much as our parents love to point out how independent they were from technology back in their day, there is no way out of the fact that gadgets have become part of everybody’s daily lives (tell that to your Candy Crushing mom and Everwinging dad).

With heavy traffic for breakfast, a slew of new presentations to make for lunch, three meetings for merienda, and seven reports to consolidate for dinner, keeping a machine with you is the best way to make the most of the day. If, you know, you actually want to have a weekend, right?

Carrying your laptop with you at all times calls for some extra attention in taking care of it. A good case is always helpful to keep it safe and secure from bumps during your commute, but a good laptop bag is the best accessory for the fashionable who wants to remain functional..

Showeld messenger bag

A cross-body bag that fits a little netbook is perfect for the young professional on the go. Throw in your bare essentials with your trusty machine and you’re ready to fly out into the bustling streets of the business district looking fresh, fine and functional.


Mastif backpack

No need to compromise your preppy persona with this bright blue backpack that’s so sleek it will sit pretty on your back as it holds your machine snugly inside.


Imbroe bag

This messenger bag should be the go-to of the creative who like a little bit of organized chaos in their lives. Nestle your laptop inside amid the litter of sketchbooks, notepads, pencils and markers, paintbrushes and your favorite pair of headphones as you rush through the morning traffic head abuzz with new ideas for your latest campaign.


Delock backpack

For those who don’t have the phrase “pack light” in their vocabulary, a spacious and colorful backpack will fit everything that you might (or might not!) need in a busy day of kicking ass at the conference room and trailblazing across company-wide email threads.

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