Favorite Moments with Alden that Prove He’s Definitely One of the 100 Most Beautiful Stars

Last month, Pambansang Bae and Boardwalk baby Alden Richards was declared a New Generation A-lister, and one of YES Magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful Stars of 2018, and we are so thrilled for our baby!

We love having Alden around for shoots. Always professional, yet always makulit – kaya masaya palagi! We know these are just some of the reasons why you love Alden, and we want to share some of ours!

He’s such a ball of energy! Even if his schedule is tight with so many photo shoots, tapings, endorsement commitments, and live shows, you’d think he wouldn’t have enough energy for all of that, pero he does!


If he does run out of energy, he’s always still so professional and pushes through with the day’s objectives. Kahit na hikab na sya ng hikab at natu-tulaley na, cutie pa rin!


He doesn’t take himself too seriously! He knows how to have fun para masaya lagi!


He’s always game for anything. Kahit anong ipagawa sa kanya, game si Alden! It makes working with him so easy.


He’s been with us forever! Alden is a Boardwalk baby but really, he’s been with us since he was pretty much literally a baby! Look at this adorable babyfaced bebeboy.


And through the wild ride his career has taken, and now at the cusp of a new era where he’s hailed as one of the most promising up and coming stars of his generation, he’s still with us!


He loves being part of initiatives that help so many people. He has such a big heart!


He’s super approachable! He never lets his stardom get to his head.


He isn’t just a beautiful face, he’s also a beautiful soul. We love having Alden as one of our precious Boardwalk babies!


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