Gentle Lady of Isabela: Hebah

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Special talents: Only my parents and a few of my friends know that I am a swimmer.

Favorite thing about where you’re from: How competitive Santiaguenos are! Especially in basketball games and beauty pageants.

Dream place to live in: Paris! Because it’s the global center for art, fashion, gastronomy and culture. It will be a great advantage for me as a model and to know more about fashion, and where else to go but Paris!

Wildest dream pet: Tarantula! I’m actually afraid of them, and I really want to overcome that fear, just as how I overcame my stage fright by being a model.

Favorite iconic movie line: From, When Love Begins: “It’s not enough to accept me for who I am, you also have to accept me for what I’m not.”

Celebrity look-alike: Liza Soberano. But I hardly agree, she’s too beautiful compared to someone like me!

Local celebrity idol: Pia Wurtzbach. I want to be a successful model and beauty queen like her someday!

If you were not modeling, what would your career be?

I would be a pharmacist. It’s what my parents dream for me, and I’ve always wanted to invent medicine to help people too.

How did you realize you wanted to be a model?

I was 14 years old and in 4th year high school when I first joined a pageant in our school, and since then I started modeling and joining more pageants and I realized how amazing being a model is. Being a model isn’t easy at all, it needs a lot of hard work.

What positive impact do you want to make as a model?

I think the most important thing I can do as a model to others is be brave and helpful and be an advocate against violence.

Boardwalk style…

… has so many options to choose from!

I would never leave the house without…

My wallet! It has everything i need in it.



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