Get Sam Pinto’s Modern 90s Streetwear Looks

Streetwear is dominating fashion now more than ever! After the trusty urban essentials of the Normcore trend and the body-flaunting pieces of the Athleisure trend, it’s now time for the very gritty yet sleek Modern 90s trend. Think Aaliyah’s, J.Lo’s and Ciara’s dance outfits reworked for every day.

Let headturner Sam Pinto (IG: @sampinto_) show you how to rock key 90s looks.

Spaghetti Strap Top

Loungy tops with this detail are now less sensual and more dainty with cheerful colors and complementing pieces.


White Sneakers

This minimalist style gives maximum impact with its stark white color and fresh design.



A hip sweater is one of the essential pieces of 90s fashion looks for its sleekness and versatility.


Sensual Black Dress

The 90s won’t be complete without the sensuality of R&B divas. Throw it back by baring some skin in this flattering color.


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