Getting Comfy with 2018

The start of the New Year holds numerous meanings for different people; it could mean the start of a new lifestyle, the start of a new business venture, even the start of moving on from a past relationship *ouch!*.

For us fashionistas, however, the New Year means the start of a new pasabog in style! It’s the perfect time to mix up your wardrobe and reinvent yourself, so you can face this coming year with a newfound sense of joy and pride.

Start 2018 with a different bang by making your own trend! Here’s a suggestion, for starters: why not spread the freshness of January by wearing the serenity of these silhouettes?

Saletta top

New Year, new personality! Achieve a modern Filipina look with this Saletta top.


Takisha top

Unravel the sweet and innocent soul inside you with this Takisha top.


Alya blouse

Be as vibrant as January’s fireworks with this kicking Alya blouse! Floral Power 2018!


Arliva top

Rejuvenate your being wanderlust with this adventurous Arliva top!

Remember ladies, sometimes, yung hindi uso ang uso. Contradicting as it may be, but that’s the truth! Now, you can embrace the new comfort this year has to offer with these stylish picks!


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