Girly Girls’ Must-have Summer Accessories

Summer’s coming up! Nako for sure, hindi na naman magkanda-ugaga ang mga ala-beauty pageant contestants ladies like you! And since it’s vacation time, why not spend it in style? Here are some must-have fashion tips for you stylish ladies this summer!

Noxell shades

Show off that girly glow with the Noxell shades!


Halifa belt bag

Carry all your stuff outside in cute-sy fashion! The bright red Halifa belt bag does just the trick.


Rasoliz handkerchiefs

The Rasoliz set of hankies are the perfect accessory to keep you looking fresh this season.

Let your inner darling enjoy the summer season in style! For more fashion and lifestyle tips and stories, follow us here on the #BWBlog, and on our social media accounts through @BoardwalkPH!


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