Glam Up Your Style and Rule Your Everyday Runway

Time for the queen in you to come out this September, ladies! Boardwalk’s newest campaign lets you Glam Up Your Style!

Make walking down the sidewalk like walking down your own personal runway. Strut to the grocery and werq your way through the crowds at the MRT, unmindful of the daily stresses of commuting, above and beyond all of the problems that only mere pheasants have. Be like royalty, a true kween, with a wardrobe that will dominate everyone else’s looks at the office and even at school.

This month’s collection features pieces that are both bold but sophisticated and elegant but powerful. Wherever you take them, the daring prints of dresses, sharp cuts of tops, sleek shape of jeans, and the sheer height of the classiest heels will elevate your style whatever errand you need to run, meeting you need to dash off to, or gala you have to be at with your fellow titas.

Check out some of Janine’s glamorous looks from the campaign collection below!






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