Goddesses and Their Sandals

Ever wonder why ancient Greece is such a reference for beautiful and meaningful things? Designer labels and fashion shows always go back to ancient Greece to take inspiration for refined and structured elegance and beauty. Which only figures, because ancient Greek culture is characterized by gods and goddesses that embodied the best and finest human characteristics.

What way to channel their rich culture by wearing footwear inspired by sandals the ancient Greeks famously wore?


If you’re a free spirit who loves nature and animals, these Remiva sandals are perfect for you.

Remiva sandals


If you’re an absolute girly-girl and kikay all the way through, these Carieda sandals will surely show how you wear your heart on your feet — sleeve, we mean.

Carieda sandals


Let everybody know that you’re the girl who always wins in everything that she does with these shimmery Cleovina sandals.

Cleovina sandals


Show off your class with the Lumid sandals!

Lumid sandals

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