How Catherine Would Wear Boardwalk Accessories

Catherine has always been the bubbly and outgoing gal sa batch na ito ng Boardwalk models. Always all-smiles and quirky, mas madaling mapansin ang personality ni Catherine because of her style! Here’s a little rundown on how she wears her Boardwalk accessories:


Andromaeda shades, Egileya cropped top, Lewizel shorts, Valemina sandals

First of all, what’s stepping out without a flashy pair of sunglasses? Catherine says:

“Definitely I would wear this at the beach because I feel that it’s such a fun and cute summer accessory, and I super super love leopard prints, so this is perfect for me.”


Junis bag, Gesazola t-shirt, Vielko jeans, Rozow sneakers

What’s Cath’s take on this nifty sling?

“This is super perfect for when I have basics on, just a white shirt and jeans, and I want a little pop of colour in my outfit. I would wear this to school, ‘cause it’s super cute and super convenient to bring.”


Rogueryen shades, Naenia romper, Chentina belt bag, Irenda sandals

This pair of violet sunglasses screams of fun and style, but does Catherine approve?

“So this one’s very unique, but I feel like this is something you don’t see every day. I could definitely work with this as everyday shades because. It’s something I can incorporate with my clothes that would make me look edgy. It’s very cute, very different, very trendy!”


Keyron bag, Mariada dress, Galantek sandals, Loviise hat

Kahit sa pag-dala ng important stuff, kailangan fashionable pa din! What does Cath think of this cool bag?

“I would definitely wear this to any music festival because it has that Coachella feel to it, which is perfect for people who love EDM music, and who love to rave. And I feel like this is gonna make me stand out in that setting. I feel like this is something that’s gonna make people look at me. So I would definitely wear this to an EDM concert or Coachella-type events.”

If you want to be as confident and as fashionable as Catherine, you just need to be true to yourself at alamin mo kung ano’ng preferences mo when it comes to fashion!  One way to go is to be in touch with us here, sa ating #BWBlog, pati sa ating social media sites @BoardwalkPH!


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