How to Make Money With Just Your Phone

Your phone is a magical gadget that can help you achieve all your dreams and goals. Aside from social media apps and numerous productivity apps, you can earn more than just a good time from your phone! You can earn some moolah for your savings account or for that trip you’ve been trying to save up since forever! Here’s how you can make more money with just your phone!


1. Scout for Online Jobs

There are a lot of online communities that are always on the hunt for freelancers. Whatever your skill or talent is, you can find a matching raket for that online! These jobs allow you to work from home and they make good for side hustles!


2. Become an Influencer

While it’s no easy feat to win thousands of followers online, you can make money from your social media pages. You can partner with brands to help boost their products! Check out top local bloggers and vloggers on how they create great content. See Alden Richard’s take on how to be vlogger here!


3. Start Your Own Business

Thanks to all the technological advances we have today, this is the era of the start-up business. Despite all of this, starting your own business is not an easy feat. You have to think of what product to sell, how to go about logistics, branding strategies, and so on. Luckily, with Boardwalk starting your own business is easy!

Download the Boardwalk Now App for free from GooglePlay. From there, all you have to do is sign-up as an entrepreneur and you’re ready to live the life you want!

You can browse through the latest Boardwalk catalogue and place orders there on the spot! No need to carry around a catalogue to your friends, you can do all of that on your phone! You can also track their orders from your phone!

You can also share pictures of the latest Boardwalk items on your social media pages to earn money. If the item you posted gets purchased from the link you posted, you get a percentage of the sale!

If you’re having a hard time managing your Boardwalk business, the Boardwalk Now App also has a chat feature that allows you to talk to a Boardwalk representative! Ask your queries about stocks, business managing, and anything Boardwalk related here!

Ready to earn more money from your phone? Download the Boardwalk App now!


Header Image from Fernando Hernandez


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