How to Start a Direct Selling Business for Beginners

Our newest recruit
Our newest recruit

Starting a direct selling business can make a good source of income and reap great benefits IF you’re ready to handle the tough challenges it comes with. This is especially true for most new dealers who have big dreams but lack the proper knowledge on where to begin and what to expect.

Some recruits join a network to earn extra income while others want to get rich quick. This is not impossible because many others have created great wealth using the same business model. This is definitely the right kind of thinking but the problem is that most new recruits aren’t disciplined enough to develop the right entrepreneur mindset and learn the skills to succeed.

Here are some important points to consider for new recruits and even experienced sellers.

Training and Practice

Attend all your training sessions and learn as much as you can. Get advice from sales veterans and look for inspiration. Observe the top sellers and emulate their strategy. You practice daily to earn the most from your commission payouts.

training and practice

You don’t need to spend a lot of money starting a direct sales business but you can invest in personal training courses. Personal growth and mastering business development are crucial to one’s success. You need to put in the daily work to become a master and maximize your income.

The day you stop learning is the day you put a cap on your earning!

Take Responsibility

Take 100% ownership and responsibility for your success and failures. Don’t get slowed down waiting for delayed orders or referrals. Do more action than planning. The more time and effort you invest, the more involved you’ll feel towards your business.

Stay Focused

Set ultra-specific targets and do everything you can to reach them. Keep your eyes on the prize.


Examples of specific targets for you can follow:

  • Signup five new recruits each week
  • Sell P50,000 worth of product each month
  • Get 10 new leads each day
  • Get promoted to supervisor position in three months
  • Become General Manager in one year

Being specific is important because it allows you to condition your mind to reach a goal. Specific targets are easy to measure so you know if you’re doing good or not.

Focus on your successes and forget the losses. You are only as good as your last result. Try to have a “short term memory” as a way to shake off disappointing results. Learn from the setbacks and always look to improve.

Set Expectations

Set clear expectations in terms of how much you can earn based on your efforts. You only get what you give. If you want to earn six-figures a month but only work 10 hours a week, that’s not likely to happen.

Setting high expectations can sometimes be better than lowering them. For example, you want to earn one-million Pesos within six-months and you give your best effort and spend every waking hour to achieve it. Even if you only reach half your goal, that’s still five-hundred thousand.

Never Give Up

If you should learn anything from this article this is it:

What do you do when you get knocked down?


Don’t be afraid of failure but more importantly believe in your heart that you will overcome all obstacles and win the race.

Attrition rates for new recruits are extremely high and it’s not a secret that most new dealers will quit early. Some recruits are great at direct sales right away. Some get the hang of it after a couple of months.


It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to succeed in direct sales. If you are an experienced dealer Instead of telling prospective recruits how easy network marketing is, how about giving them practical and useful advice.

You can make huge earnings if you work hard for it and don’t give up. Given the right direct selling business opportunity, anyone with a good attitude and preparation will succeed.

Okay, now it’s your turn

  • Tell us what your biggest problems and concerns are in starting a direct selling business?
  • What training, tools, or resources do you think will help your business succeed?
  • If you are an experienced network marketer, what is your best advice for new recruits?

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  1. mam pano po patakarn nyo sa pagrekrut at magkano credit line na bnbgay nyo at ilang recrut dapat magkano din ang sahod itresado po ako

  2. Bago po akong Boardwalk dealer at nag-eenjoy po ako sa mga training. Madami po kami natutunan tunkol sa clothing, fashion at pagiging personal shopper. Thank you po sa pagbigay samin ng magandang business opportunity!

  3. Bago pa lang ako sa boardwalk,at napaka ganda ng nangyari sa akin…..marami ako na meet na tao…ibat-iba. Ang experience nila”’ang sabi ko sa sarili ko …BAKIT SILA?ang laki ng kinikita?KAYA KO DIN YAN…kaya simula nun’ginaya ko lang sila….at lalo pa pinag iigihan…..
    Kaya naman,group manager na ako’……after 1 year……at running for gmo na,…….

    Kaya sa mga…nagdadalawang isip pa dyan……imulat nyo na mga mata nyo…….nasa harapan nyo na….mag register na……
    Ops…..ako ang sponsor mo ha…….. ako ang nakapag convince sayo…..cge ka.?…..

  4. Bago lang din ako sa boardwalk, last Feb 01, 2013 lang ako nagpamember sa friend ko na JMC. Napaka ganda rito sa Boadwalk maraming way para kumita at free membership pa, easy money kasi may product hindi kayo mahihirapan kumita. Isa pang nagustuhan ko rito yung may next level ng positioning, of course next level din yung income and benefits na makukuha mo. That is the reason kaya ako na motivate, so by next month magiging JMC (Junior Marketing Consultant) na ako, next target GS (Group Supervisor) and off course GM (Group Manager). Kung kaya nila mas kaya ko rin, im so dedicated sa business na ito. Kaya sa gustong mag pamember hindi pa huli just decide now, walang mawawala sa inyo dito sa Boardwalk magkakaroon pa kayo hindi lang wealth pati yung inter personal skill niyo madedevelop, saka tulungan system dito.

    1. hi madame nabasa ko po ung post nyo napaka inspiring po. member na din po ako sa boardwalk since 2012 pa po pero di ko pa po naabot ung posotion nyo. ask lng po ng mga tips and strategy san po ba kayo branch?

  5. dito po sa gensan wala po training sana po magkaron ng training dito para matoto po kami ng iba’t ibang paraan para maging successful kami at makabinta ng marami….

  6. gusto nyo ba maging member?

    i am willing to assist you..
    Interested? text me @ 09488739813
    ID number: MZ070342

    1. Opo maganda po itong negosyo para sa mga di nakakapagtapos. Madalas pa nga na mga undergrad ang mga top performers.

      1. i just want to ask kasi dba 25% ang discount na binibigay sa member?may mga rebates din po ba kayo khit d pa na rereach ung managerial position?and what is the requirements in applying for a credit line?dapat po ba may checking account?I really appreciate if you could reply..thank you..

      2. Magandang Buhay po!
        Am a Secondary School Teacher and already a Boardwalk Member here in Palawan .However, based on experienced majority of our product orders are not available at boardwalk puerto princesa city branch, thus we kept on waitng for our name to be called at the counter only to find out products were not available. How I wish to invest and have a boardwalk outlet here in the town of Narra, first class municipality in our province considering the waste of time and money we spent just to avail boardwalk products… Thus, we travelled 4 hours back and forth from Narra, Palawan to Puerto Princesa City vice versa. Could it be possible to avail products directly from your main branch there in manila? Hope you can help. Thnk you so much! God Bless

  7. Hello,
    Happy new year po sa inyo mga ka Boardwalk delaers …
    Junior Marketing Consultant na poh ako at nung nsa Jordan ako,dinala ko ang business nato…mahirap sa una pero ginawan ko ng paraan…at need to invest din tlaga.
    Marami ang orders kc bihira or iilan lng ang nag boardwalk.Good business and we are in a great company !

    MEMBER # 00039354

  8. hello po.. question… gusto kong mag open ng Board walk outlet sa aming place, now how to do that? How much do I need? whats the process?


  9. hi gusto ko po sana mag open ng Board walk outlet dto samin.. , now how to do that? How much do I need? what are the requirements.. im from pasig city near mega market maganda yun place namin kaya ok dito magtayo ng boardwalk pa email po ako all info at details thanks

  10. Tanong q lang po.. anu po b ang mga nkasulat s catalog na pts s every product..? Magagamt dn poh b un?

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