How to Start a Rewardful Home Business

Many people want to know how to start a home business and the best type of business to invest in. Joining a direct selling company allows you to work from home with minimal training and little to no capital. There’s no doubt that there are big rewards of owning your own business whether it comes from inner or outer compensation.

Direct Selling Home Business

If you work in an office the outer rewards can be promotions, pay raises, titles, status, corner office, and so forth. Similarly, if you have a  home based direct selling business, you have more free time, big discounts and great products – which are based on your sales and recruiting efforts. To some extent, we only have so much control with outside rewards. For example, your commission depend on the profits of your downline and many other factors.

As for selling and recruiting, you can do everything right and not necessarily close the sale, or sponsor that new recruit. Your “suki” didn’t like the product you showed them in the catalog, the dress color or they wanted a different style of shoes. There are many reasons beyond your control but no doubt the setbacks affect the outcome of your business.

Double the Rewards

Doble Panalo!

Your inner reward is already a prize in and of itself because your success is based on the values that are most important to you. You instantly gain benefits from doing work because it’s meaningful to you. Sometimes people just want to have fun; do a few parties; make some extra income to pay the bills. Other times, people really do find value and meaning in what they’re doing. They’re on a mission to change lives. Finding your inner reward can be a powerful motivational tool to doing well in your home based business. Inner rewards give the BIGGEST satisfaction because you’re doing the work because you love it.

Rather than seeking external rewards as your primary motivation, focus on your internal rewards, and dig deep on what really drives you. This isn’t to say earning lots and lots of money in a business franchise isn’t a powerful motivation that drives people to succeed but if that’s your only reason, your motivation will be short-lived, when you’re faced with challenges.

Your Personal Compass

business compassLet your emotions and feelings be your compass that guides you through the ups and downs and many cycles of your business. It keeps you grounded and help you maintain your truth which is based on your inner rewards. The message here is you need to find a balance between internal and external rewards so you can stack the odds in your favor for achieving success.

This is why it’s important for you not to become emotionally attached to the outcome of every situation. You should always do your best, ask questions, and look for ways to improve, but there’s only so much you can control from the outside. Instead of driving yourself nuts by taking things personally and getting hung up on why so and so didn’t buy your products – focus on what you can control and that is your internal rewards.


ALWAYS REMEMBER: “You need fill your emotional bank account before you start building your financial bank account.”

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  1. Find a job you love! Whether it’s a home-based business or 9-5 office work , if you truly find meaning in your vocation, it will never feel like work at all. More like playing, diba? 😀

  2. I am starting my home business as a dealer of BW. Its fun specially when you have lots of orders. coz more orders mean more money…lols

    1. Thanks for the complement. Ganyan din po talaga sinasabi ng karamihan. We really work hard to provide the best quality and value direct selling products for our dealers and customers.

  3. Sometimes, the comfort of earning is not just the profit that you get after each sale. It’s also giving yourself self-esteem that you need, boost your ego knowing that you can do it just like others…..

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