How Wayfarers Came About

Wayfarer sunglasses, originally designed by Ray-Ban, have become a hit through generations, making it a classic eyewear piece with its revolutionary design that, during those times, represented ferocity and femininity. Kumbaga, ayun yung “it” shades for both men and women that time.

Its distinctive frame and aesthetics are commonly seen during the summer, when the sun’s up and you need to match the heat with your cool, mataray get-up and aura.

Now on the #BWBlog, we’ll be showcasing an awesome selection of Wayfarer shades to help you spice up your effortless summer style!

Rogueryen shades

Go out with the classic summer look with this stylish purple pair of sunglasses.


Rubik shades

Glam up the hot season with a groovy pair of shades with mod prints.


Ferragni shades

Step up your fashion game with these retro sepia glasses with classic metal frames and you’re good to go!


Whitley shades

Keep that cool vibe alive and beat the summer heat by sporting a cool-hued pair.

Summer’s more fun when you know that you’re carrying yourself quite well especially when going out. Kaya Boardwalkers, keep in touch lang sa ating #BWBlog at social media pages @BoardwalkPH para sa bonggang fashion and lifestyle tips!


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