Ice Cream Tots

You know what goes perfectly well with ice cream? Why, kids, of course! Come on, if your heart doesn’t melt whenever you see a kid’s glimmering eyes before taking that first lick into his/her sundae cone, I don’t know what will.

Kidding aside, who knew that your favourite blueberry sundae color would suit your cute pamangkin? This set of dresses with candy-colored themes and adorable kids go so well, you just want to kurot their pisngis because of overflowing cuteness!

What’s special about fashion is that it can speak for us in different ways, and tickle our senses without us even noticing. Ice cream and kids might be a pretty weird analogy, but it’s so cute we’re not even complaining!

Coccinea dress
Crodine dress
Hempell dress
Ramima dress

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