Ken Nolasco, Bulacan’s Sporty Superstar, Is a #ProudBoardwalkModel

Look-a-like photos from PEP.PH

Hobbies: I’m an athlete! I do competitive swimming, and I also have a black belt in taekwondo. Wakeboarding, basketball, football, badminton and dancing are also some of my hobbies. I’ve recently started vlogging with my boyfriend, and we’re planning to continue posting on our YouTube channel regularly.Special talents: I like doing my make-up. I take videos but I haven’t really gotten around to posting them. I’m not confident enough yet.

Favorite thing about where you’re from: The wonderful people of Bulacan! We are warm and always positive about life.

Dream place to live in: I want to stay in the Philippines because I love our culture and how friendly our people are!

Wildest dream pet: A tiger! I know they’re really scary and ferocious, but I think they can also be very cute!

Favorite iconic movie line: This is so cliché, but it’s from One More Chance, “Malaki ka lang, pero hindi mo ako kayang patumbahin”!

Celebrity look-alike: People say I look like Christine Reyes, Gretchen Ho or Solenn Heussaff, but I get Aubrey Miles most of the time. Who wouldn’t want be flattered, right?

Local celebrity idol: Solenn Heussaff! She’s such a hardworking artist with so many talents! She can paint, host, act, do comedy, and is an amazing model. I admire her commitment to working out for a healthy body the most.

If you were not modeling, what would your career be?

I would be working as a multimedia artist, doing video editing and graphic design. A career in that field is what I’d have if I didn’t pursue modeling.

How did you realize you wanted to be a model?

I won my first beauty pageant in 2010, and I loved walking the ramp since then!

What positive impact do you want to make as a model?

I want to change how models are seen as people who merely have pretty faces and perfect bodies. I want to show everyone that not all models are doing this for fame. Some of us model to contribute to society with humility and virtue in our hearts.

What was your reaction when you found out you won Boardwalk’s Model Search?

LOL! I was shocked! There were so many of us, and I thought I wouldn’t be noticed especially because I’m not that tall. I didn’t expect it at all! I thank God, of course, for the achievement. And thank you, Boardwalk!

Boardwalk style is…

Casual! Very easy to mix and match. And because the designs are modern, you can easily pick an OOTD every day!

Favorite Boardwalk look?

I love Boardwalk’s Cosmopolitan Collection! It’s very current, and I can go anywhere with it. Appropriate for everyday corporate attire, yet fashionable enough for dinners or nights out.

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