Look Good, Smell Even Better

Guys, the key to making a mark is to hit as many bodily senses as possible. Girls are masters of this, and have made an art form out of it. When girls want to catch a guy’s attention, they know it can’t just be about looks. They know guys fall for a girl who doesn’t only look good, but also sounds nice, and smells amazing.

Getting dressed and making an interesting conversation are givens, but a lingering scent that you can be remembered by is such an underrated part of making an impression. Know how the smell of a blackboard can instantly transport you back to your grade school memories? Or how the smell of a particular ulam makes you reminisce about fond Sundays at home with nanay?

A smell can bring you back to any moment, so what perfume you’re wearing can surely bring her back to that night you were smiling at her from across the bar, getting her kilig all over again!

Make her remember your bad boy charm with Boardwalk’s Motion cologne and these select porma pieces.

Fearless t-shirt, Motion cologne, Chaffin watch, Loukas sneakers, Ravald jeans

Remind her that you’re the guy na masarap iuwi kay nanay with Boardwalk’s Intensity cologne and this good boy outfit.

Roland jeans, Algor shades, Nochoz boat shoes, Intensify cologne, Braxie shirt

Make her never forget how swabe your pick-up line was with Boardwalk’s Cool cologne and these chill outfit picks.

Rogino t-shirt, Cool perfume, Southee sling bag, Ronimus shorts, Creiguo flip-flops

[Ellie Goulding voice] What are you waiting for?


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