Make a List, Check it Twice

Honestly, no matter how makulit your inaanak is, who could ever actually intentionally not give gifts to little chikitings? I mean, that smile that erupts on their faces when you hand them a package, no matter how flimsily you might have wrapped it? The shaking excitement they make when they tear it open, and the tight hug that kinda smells like pawis and something you’re not entirely sure of… Santa might not have experienced any of those if he was so willing not to give gift to every kid, tbh.

Be the kids’ favorite ninong, ninang, ate, and kuya this Christmas with these gift ideas!

Get your kikay little inaanak and fresh litt godson essentials that will keep them looking maganda and pogi.

Justice League Grooming Kit 2 and Hello Kitty EdT Set 1


Why keep your little lady from being a child? Let her play out her dreams with the classic role-playing toy for girls.

Barbie Gift Set and Barbie Evening Gown Set


Be the supportive ate and kuya to your studious little inaanak. They’ll remember you each time they fill these bags with all the stuff they need to top their classes!

Race car and Bumby stroller bags


And be remembered as the fashionably fresh tito and tita by giving these adorable slap-on watches.

Aero car and Flaw straw watches with extra heads

Santa Claus can take a seat.


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