Must-Have Features for Activewear

Jearalyn activewear set, Roshawna trainers

Here’s an often overlooked fact: sports, workouts and other physically-strenuous activities generally subject one to more risk of physical injury. There really is the possibility of breaking and hurting the body in pushing oneself to an extraordinary physical activity.

We care for your physical health, so please don’t forget that! Make the most out of your workout with quality sportswear. We can still go for our #FitnessGoals and adrenaline-pumping #YOLO experiences with safety as  a top priority.

Make sure that your clothing and footwear at least have these 3 features for you to comfortably enjoy your fitness routine injury-free!


Moisture Control

Fabrics that quickly absorb moisture help protect the skin from sweat-inhibiting bacteria. Aside from the stigma-inducing body odor, skin-irritating diseases like folliculitis and MRSA can also thrive in sweat and get in the way of body movement.


Movement Support

Apparel made of elastic fibers best support physical movement. Shoes for physical activities need to have high flexibility and this is usually made possible by materials like rubber.


Skin Coverage

To prevent scratches, burns and other skin damage, we strongly recommend that the skin is always covered. The more skin covered, the lower your chances are of getting a boo-boo.

Better be safe than sorry with these performance wear qualities!


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