#PrepYourStyle and Your Child’s for a Stylish School Year

Formal schooling is an important part of a child’s growth. Education contributes to a child’s critical thinking and character building.

One of the most common ways educators do that is through uniform guidelines that allow some stylish accessories. With so many schools today that foster personality development, it’s actually rare to find one that has a strict dress code that is too specific with students’ accessories.

Encourage kids to be their best selves with Boardwalk’s Back to School collection of shoes, bags and school accessories. Share the Back to School collection to your kiddos! Give them important pointers and choices, and buy the ones that you both approve of.

With your help in choosing from the collection, your youngsters will surely be as confident as their peers in sharing their stylish and unique tastes this coming school year!

Let Lance and Sofia show you the Back to School collection through the video below.


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