Prints and Patterns

Hey, momshies! How’s the parenting life working out? We bet you’ve been doing a very great job in raising your young ones. But have you ever gotten to a point where you feel like you’ve run out of cute outfit ideas for baby?

While good parenting advice is something we might not get into (We DO have the best moms around in the Boardwalk community though!), we can give you a simple but effective guide on how to style your little cutie!

One of the best ways to make them stand out today is by bringing back the classic patterns in their wardrobe:


Ashadell backpack
Delmy dress

We know that your little angel is one of a kind, so why not dress them up like the unique kid that they are with cute animal prints or get into the latest trend and pamper them with the popular floral and stripes combination.


Jaini top

Or if it suits your little one, try the livelier criss-cross pattern! The harmony of bright colors will definitely brighten up your kid’s day.


Koga shorts

If your kid’s into colors and patterns, then go for the tribal look! Not only will they enjoy exquisite look, they will also be able to explore new sets of visuals to enhance their creative imagination!

Sometimes, it’s better to stay out of your comfort zone to discover new ways to express oneself,  especially in fashion and even with your precious youngsters.

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