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Keeping your kids healthy and happy is a responsibility that doesn’t have to be such a chore. With HealthFusions’ Multivites and Vitamin C, you can easy give your child all the nutrients their body needs to face the world! PLUS, it comes in a yummy gummy bear form so you won’t have a hard time offering it to the kids!

HealthFusion’s gummies are made from natural ingredients and has no artificial coloring, sweeteners, milk, preservatives, yeast, and wheat! Its vegan-friendly and gluten-free! The best part is its super delicious! It comes in two main variants: Multivites (strawberry flavored) and Vitamin C (orange flavored). Both have been tested to be safe for kids and kids at heart (yes, Millennials and Baby Boomers can try these, too!)

The Multivites provide a fusion of essential vitamins and minerals in one deliciously strawberry gummy. It can boost the immune system, support normal grown and brain function, and aids in healthy digestion! It also helps maintain your childs’ bones, teeth, gums, nails, and hair!

The Vitamin C on the other hand boosts the immune system, and keeps teeth and gums to be healthy. For those playful ones who often play a little too rough and is no stranger to bruises and scrapes, the Vitamin C can aid in minimizing bruising and help in faster healing. This one can also help in absorbing iron, calcium, and folic acid from food sources!

It is recommended you give your kids 2 gummies a day for the full effect. This won’t be a problem though, as the kids will clamor for its super yummy taste! Have them take it in the morning before school and keep one in their lunch box as a “secret energy” weapon for afternoon activities!


The Multivites and Vitamin C come in 3 sizes: the 90 gummies bottle (LP: P600 | VP: P610) and 30 gummies pouch (LP: P280 | VP: P290).

From today until July 2019, you can get a free 15 gummy pouch for free!


Deliciously Healthy Freebie

When you shop in your local Boardwalk branch, all you have to do us buy 2 HealthFusion 90s Bottle to get a free 15 gummies pouch.If you purchase on the Boardwalk Now app or through, just shop for P800 worth of HealthFusion products to get a free 15 gummies pouch! Hurry! Shop it here now!


You can check out HealthVites Instagram for more information on more of the amazing benefits of their gummies!

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