Show Your Pinoy Pride At These Heritage Sites

Long weekend alert! Make the holiday worth it by visiting heritage sites that celebrate the Filipino heart that fought for the freedom of the country!

Heritage sites are “natural, cultural, or mixed properties that maintain the environmental balance of a region or the world, show unique geological origin, or demonstrate the highest achievements of human thought and creativity”.

Plan your weekend ahead and visit these four places that prove how lit and turnt Pinoys were since the dawn of time, and make the trip IG-worthy with Boardwalk’s Ang Bayan Collection shirts!

You don’t have to go on a ten-hour land trip or book a flight to go spelunking and exploring caves! Biak-na-Bato National park offers a cave network and system of rivers and trails that will surely make your long weekend worthwhile!

Bring the pop of colors from our national flag into the wilderness with this shirt.

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Did you know that Vigan, or Ciudad Fernandina de Vigan, was the third most important city after Manila and Cebu during the Spanish Colonial era? Well, now you do.

See the place, breathe the place, feel the place, be the place with this shirt that shows the undeniably timeless beauty of the Philippines even during the Spanish colonization.

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If you want to see first-hand how amazing Filipinos have always been, there’s probably no better place than the Rice Terraces. See the ingenuity of our ancestors in the rice paddies they built into the mountain by hand more than 2,000 years ago up in the mountains of Cordillera.

Keep it cool up in the mountains with this shirt. If it gets too cold, try to grab some of the local rice wine to warm up!

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If you’re on a budget, stay within the metro and visit San Agustin Church in Intramuros. Check out the traces of the original wall painting done in Mexican style on the interiors and the repository of the most priceless collection of religious Filipino art.

Celebrate the architectural significance in history of the San Agustin Church with the geometric design of this shirt.

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Now go forth and show your #PUSO this Independence Day!


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