Sparkle and Shine this Season

Before your phone’s calendar blows up with all the parties you’re going to, make sure you’re ready with some holiday rampa outifts.

After you’ve gotten your traditional pa-kulot sa parlor ni ninang, several dresses na malakas maka-power, and ravan heels or booties, complete the look with eye-catching earrings that’ll get your every hair flip an extra dazzle. Check out these dainty but definitely unmissable, so instead of tita telling you, tumaba ka na, she’ll call to her children, “‘Yung maganda n’yong pinsan, o!”

A: Violan earrings (3 sets), B: Laser silver earrings (3 sets), C: Muivy earrings (3 sets), D: Aprilblk e earrings


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