Step Up Your Dating Game

There are many sad truths in life. There’s the fact that your significant other may not really be a big fan of your shoe game. There are also unavoidable occasions when she calls the shots on what type of shoes you have to wear.

Check out the 7 dapper styles that we’re pretty sure will impress your lady.

Birmingham loafers

Makings of a Man

Suede loafers are the preppiest and most comfortable among this bunch. If you’re going for a casual look, pair them with chinos or dark blue denims.


Ghazi plimsolls

The Real Chill

Whether you need a laid-back touch to your dressy jacket or just want to keep it fresh with a crisp shirt, these canvas and rubber plimsolls are your best bet.


Welk sneakers

Quirky Quip

For the ladies who like their baes to mix it up, go graphic with the texture but keep the silhouette simple. Wear them with khaki shorts for effortless style.


Terravic sneakers

Holes in One

Tone down the stiffness of tailored pants with this pair’s chic yet quirky perforated leather.


Stencer sneakers

New Athletics

These shoes may seem too athletic and too edgy at the same time, but the way those characteristics were combined result in a one-of-a-kind sleek pair.

Which pair would you most likely wear? Share in the comments below.


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