Strengthen Your Style Game: Boost Your Style

Half the year is over, so it’s time for a mid-year revamp of your closet! Update your outfits with the latest styles that would keep the cold of the monsoon season at bay!

The rain doesn’t have to keep you from making the most of the long weekends with your barkada or with your beloved family. Don’t leave the bustle of activity back in summer, and keep moving as the –ber months approach with clothes that would keep you moving.

This month’s featured collection sees JC De Vera in outfits from the Hunk Collection that will surely keep the ladies’ blood hot and the guys wanting to exude the same coolness. Boardwalk took JC to Cavite to get action-packed shots of the brand’s latest pieces. No amount of clouds kept the team from getting steamy snaps of pieces that are sure to be your new style staples that would keep yourselves hot this month.

Check out these exclusive photos from the #BoostYourStyle shoot!


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