Summer-Ready Kids’ Starter Pack

Bring on the summer weather! Right, Boardwalkers? But before that…

…are your kids ready for the summer heat? #BWBlog’s here to give you nifty fashion suggestions to make your toddlers’ summer season a very memorable one!

Yuppies sunglasses

Make your little one look uber-cool and hot with a pair of colorful shades.


Arzenezy hat

Teach your little lady to be a little more extra by wearing a pretty pink hat.


Pinkney flip-flops

What would summer fashion be without a good ol’ trusty pair of slippers? Make your little lady fashionably comfy with this fab pair.


Plammer aqua shoes

And of course, wherever she might go, your little cutie will need a comfortable and protective pair of shoes to make traveling this summer season a lot easier!

There you go! With this ensemble of summer accessories, we’re sure that your young darling will take on the season with brimming confidence.

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