Summer Shades and Slippers

Finally, the summer season’s here! If you’re the type who likes to live life embracing the outdoors, then this must be a very exciting time for you.

In this entry of the #BWBlog, we’ll be giving out a good one-two punch combo of fashionable pairs of shades and flip-flops para kahit nasa galaan ka, stylish ka pa din!

Pair 1

Sapiro shades, Yaroslav flip-flops

This pair of Sapiro shades and Yaroslav sandals perfectly fits the chill, laid-back chick who likes it simple but stunning.


Pair 2

Bambu shades, Percival flip-flops

Are you one of the enigmatic boys who like the mysterious look? Well, this pair of Bambu shades and Percival slippers gives that cool guy aura for the summer.


Pair 3

Pharus shades, Dalibor sandals

If you want to go with the tough guy/adventurer look, the Pharus shades and Dalibor slippers will help you achieve that in full fashion.

Summer’s the season of fun and the great outdoors. But guys, wag nating kalimutan: when we go out, we should always go out in style!

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