Sweet Surprise

Boys, we know na kahit tigasin kayo on the outside, you can surprise your ladies with unlimited tricks up your sleeve (yes girls, hindi lang kayo ang may kiliti!) When hit in the right spots, you could go all-out for her… to the extent of being too sweet that it’s cheesy.

Here are some tips that you could use in prepping for the ultimate Valentine’s gesture: surprising her!

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First, you could set up a surprise romantic picnic, complete with food and a comfy blanket. You’ll automatically see that precious smile on her face. Show her that you can be her rock by letting her know that you are her escape in this mad, mad world.

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Next, you could give her something that represents you both as a couple, something that you’ll forever share in your hearts. While rings and necklaces are signs of grandeur, they just feel too… common. Sayang ang ka-pogi-an kung predictable! Why not give something that doesn’t go out of style, like couple shirts? You just need the sweetest message to say to your lady, and ka-boom! She’s head over heels for you, all over again.

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The truth is, once you’re comfortable enough with your partner, you might experience some bumps ahead. The trick is to never run out of surprises to make her feel your one and only special lady, no matter how long you have been together.


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