Take Note and Live by These 4 Words

School is almost back in full-swing and one of the things we remember looking forward to at the start of classes is writing on fresh and clean new notebooks. Knowing our notes were organized and kept in a nice notebook always kept us inspired to learn and get the most fun out of school.

Keep studying rewarding by keeping these things in mind.


Avanti Words in Bloom notebook set

Hope for a great school year ahead! A positive outlook will always attract good vibes.


Avanti Words in Bloom notebook set

Always smile. Always having a pleasant and friendly facial expression will attract the right people to you. And good friends make for great group work in class projects! Plus, you’ll never know if your crush might pick up on that beaming smile.


Avanti Words in Bloom notebook set

Believe in yourself! A good dose of self-confidence can go a long way. Believing you can do something means you’re already there. Being a top student should come easy-peasy!


Avanti Words in Bloom notebook set

Love what you do. Passionate work conquers difficult school subjects!

The reward for being a diligent student is not just a record of good grades. Wisdom that build our character is also a treasure we find within the four walls of the classroom. Believe in yourself and share hope, smiles and love to make the most out of school!

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