Tank Top + Shorts Combo That Shows The Gainz

Let’s be clear with this one first: “gainz” is objective. We believe that every body type has its good amount of brawn. Anyone with any body fat percentage will surely agree anyway that summer is definitely the most legit season for everyone to let their skin breathe with the least fabric clinging to it.

And isn’t the laid-back tank-top-and-shorts combo the most well-loved summer clothing preference?

Check-out the matching pieces below to keep you feeling extra confident and at ease with that summer bod of yours. Don’t miss out on so much fun under the sun by being too body conscious.

Redding tank top, Vortuzi shorts

Gray and blue keep it fresh and light.


Carolus tank top, Gollcom shorts

Solid blocks of colors in quirky combinations show your fun side.


Spradlin tank top, Hagrier shorts

Go tonal with the color blue for that subtle graphic effect.


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