The 3 Affordable Safety Gear ALL Cyclists and Runners SHOULD Have

Calling all joggers and cyclists! Chances are, you’d rather enjoy the city view during your daily sprint than subscribe to a gym membership and see all those tough-looking gym-loyalists. We have some goodies for you to keep your daily exercise routine safe!



LP: P499 | VP: P519

For those who cycle at night, the SHOELIGHT is a must-have for your safety! Hook these on your shoes so cars and motorists can easily spot you! Get yours here!


LP: P196 | VP: P219

Always like to shuffle through your playlist for the right music when you jog?  The WRIST PHONE lets you jog, cycle, and exercise with your phone right beside you!


LP: P196 | VP: P216

If you like to cycle around your neighborhood or use a motorcycle to get back and forth work, we reco this LIGHT CLIP that will help illuminate you for your safety! Get it here!

Like what you see? We have special discounts for you, too! If you liked the WRIST PHONE and the SHOE LIGHT, you can get them as a bundle for only P387.59!

When you purchase the LIGHT CLIP, you also get another LIGHT CLIP for free!

Shop for more useful and stylish goodies from our website or our Instagram Catalogue!

Photo from Johnny Kennaugh


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